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Forget the Fat

“What if you could forget about your appearance and focus on your experience?”

The problem is it’s hard to feel vibrant energy and confidence when you are spending a lot of energy carrying around the weight of an extra 30, 50 or 100 pounds. And the real problem is that most weight loss plans don’t work long-term. They aren’t designed to. They work in the beginning through severe restrictions, but eventually, no one can keep up with starvation and over-exertion demands.

So what happens? You gain it all back, and sometimes even more because all those extremes ended up slowing your metabolism.

What is going on? Why has it become so hard for people to stay lean and healthy?

Join me to end this vicious cycle. 

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Adversity and challenges can be the most painful and/or the most triumphant moments of your career and life. Without a doubt, many businesses are facing the largest financial fears ever known. But I am a firm believer that preparation determines outcome, not the circumstances that surround us. It is easy to fall into fear and despair; it takes something “more” to face darkness without shrinking inside.

We need more leaders and visionaries to be financially secure so they can focus on service, not stress. Many businesses continued to thrive during this crisis because we had one thing in common: very deep roots. We know who we are, what we stand for, and we know our purpose. This storm did not threaten us at our foundation. We adapted and found strength from the time we spent in the past developing our mindset. 

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, if you believe you are here to make a positive impact on the world, if you dream of leaving a legacy of honor for your children, then I want to help you navigate this storm and any turbulence that follow it to make that happen. There is no “perfect system or app or funnel” that is the key to increasing your ROI, sales, or building the right team. The key is building YOU. 

If you want to help more people, in less time, have more fun doing it, and finally receive the money that reflects your skill and caring, then I can help teach you to do what I did as well.

The coaching program will begin in September, and this gives us the perfect opportunity to build your plan to step into 2021 with Alignment, Vision, and Strategy.

And I do this by nourishing and growing other people. I build leaders. And those leaders help multiply my ability to improve more lives.


2 Zoom Mastermind Training Calls per month

2 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Dr. Rimka in the 4 month program

Wendy Watkins

Wendy is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and author that has coached thousands in her business Mind Body & Business. This training and coaching company is for individuals and organizations who want to grow their people to advance their accomplishments. She is a pretty big deal in the Atlanta economy!

Chris Quintana

Chris is flipping the script on the lies of Wall Street insider secrets and making them available to everyone. Her passion is to level the playing field, and empower you to protect your income and build financial security. She is a Financial Planning Consultant/Estate Planner, author, and entrepreneur.

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