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The Men’s Group

Why on Earth would a respected female doctor create and lead a course designed especially for men? The truth is, there’s as much science to being a man as there is testosterone, and Dr. Rimka, the proud mother of a young man, designed the Brain and Body Revolution Men’s Course as a way to share the science and remind men they are … well … men.

Too many times, society is terrified of a real man until the chips are down … suddenly, then, it’s seen as “okay” to be masculine; to be the hero, to be the provider, and to be present in your real manhood to sort out the challenges. The Men’s Group, run as a private Facebook group, is as much about this as it is about being a human, but with the applied science to allow men to understand their own health and remembering what it means to be masculine. In the Men’s Group, Dr. Rimka will host a private Facebook group to teach men how to:

  • Recapture your health – not by eating salads, but by truly understanding the foods your body needs instead of the foods you’re told to eat.
  • Learn what you really need to know about your personal health and the information your doctor isn’t telling you.
  • Understand there is no need to feel powerless, but rather, to learn what it is to be the warrior you were born to be.
  • Regain the feeling of control, for your life and the lives who depend on you.
  • Remember what it is to be a man, whether that knowledge wasn’t ever shared with you or it was taken from you by an overbearing spouse or an unloving family.
  • Unleash your hidden or forgotten masculinity and remember how to live … like a man.

This isn’t about finding your inner child, this is about stepping into your true responsibility as a man: taking action to be the husband, the father, the businessman, and the human you were destined to be before those expectations were cut off by society’s distorted views of manhood.

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