Women’s Master Makeover – Brain and Body Revolution

Women’s Master Makeover

Are you ready to meet the Wizard of Oz behind your health?

  • This course will pull back the curtain of your wellness, and you will see behind the scenes within your own body. You will never see the world the same way again.  
  • This is an intense, cognitive journey that takes you from the cellular level to the galactic level and a bit of everything in between! 
  • You will explore. 
  • You will undergo a journey of self-discovery. 
  • You will study and experience your infinite power as part of the Universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm.
  • This is not a continuation of the 3R Reset fundamentals, although the 3R Reset is a fundamental prerequisite.
  • Master’s Makeover takes you beyond what you thought you needed to know. 
  • I cover some of my most beloved topics: physics, consciousness, chemistry, water, electromagnetism, charge, cold thermogenesis, cellular metabolism, mitochondria, and light.

​What do you get?

  • ​Mind-blowing Master's Makeover content on my E-Learning Center Revolution site
  • ​12 weeks in a private Facebook group community with me and all your fellow classmates
  • ​2 Live Q&A Sessions with me per month to get feedback regarding the material!! (Max time for each Q&A will be 90 minutes) 
  • ​LIFETIME access to the course so you can revisit the content at any time! 

​What will it give you?

  • ​Powerful tools to enhance your wellness goals 
  • ​Knowing your body on a deep level — I will cover some chemistry and some physics but in an easy to understand and apply format 
  • ​How to use “hidden” healthy protocols that no one is telling you about. This stuff is not on the news or in your doctor’s office. This is what I do with my patients, and you can learn some of these secrets as well
  • ​A deeper mind-body-spirit connection that has eluded you until now; I will help you bypass your logical brain to believe in magic again
  • ​Access into the deepest parts of your brain to harness the power within you 
  • ​Confidence that you have the ability to upgrade your life experience at any moment in any situation
  • ​The "whys" and "hows" behind the actions you need to take 
  • ​Easiest hacks for weight loss and anti-aging that will bring out your most vibrant you, naturally and affordably
  • ​Science to prove why it's REAL and not woo woo to believe in miracles

ENROLLMENT OPEN! Course dates Feb 10, 2020 - May 9, 2020

Next course is NOT scheduled, and will not be offered until earliest FALL 2020.


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