Women’s Master Makeover – Brain and Body Revolution

Women’s Master Makeover

Women who join Dr. Rimka’s Master Makeover process are doing far more than worrying about diet and exercise. In the Master Makeover, Dr. Rimka takes her students – all of whom must be at least 35 years of age - through an intense journey of self discovery where they will be able to actualize the new health and wellness they were able to recapture as a result of following the 90 Day Fast Track. Topics we’ll cover:

  • Understanding and USING the aging process to create the healthiest version of you.
  • Making the most of healthcare and medical research.
  • Learning the “hidden” healthy protocols that are now being uncovered in the medical field and not making it into the news – or your doctor’s offices.
  • Uncovering the hidden aspects of health within your own spiritual energy
  • Tapping into the deepest parts of your brain to harness the power within you
  • To never be afraid of stress again

Remember, we can rebuild you – we have the technology!

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