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Nature is the Way

Wilderness is calling you back.

You, the wild rebel that can’t be tamed, it’s time to return to your adventurous heart.

Live authentic. Live free. Live you.

If you’d rather die on your feet than live on your knees, then join us on a retreat from conformity into the wild. A retreat is a radical removal of yourself from chaos to reconnect, recharge, and reset mind, body, and soul.

Retreat into the wild of South Africa - April 25 - May 03, 2022!

(Dates do not include International travel time)


Reconnect and Recharge

Karongwe Camp is on the banks of the Karongwe River (mostly a dry river bed) in the 9,000ha (22,239-acre) Karongwe Game Reserve, which is to the south-west of the Kruger National Park. 3 rivers flow through the reserve, all tributaries of the Olifants River, carving their way through the bedrock & dividing the reserve.

Languishing under the ancient old trees, the camp consists of tented accommodation, three viewing decks and a central area and fire pit where reflection, meals and group gatherings take place. For those that want to meditate or do yoga, the viewing decks offer a perfect spot! 

The magic of your time at Karongwe is enhanced by the fact that although the camp doesn’t have any electricity,

all your needs are met in a comfortable and safe manner.

Yes, we have toilets, showers, beds, and an abundance of healthy cuisine cooked by our own private chef.

This is not a hunting trip.

Phenomenal value at $5600!

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