Brain and Body Revolution

Learn Everything You Need to Know  About Optimizing Your Health in Spite of Your Doctor

We believe you deserve to be healthy, knowledgeable, and empowered.  It is your divine right to feel happy, connected, strong, and joyful.  But most people today feel terrible, disconnected, exhausted, and stressed.

Dr. Rimka has the record for results with real people with real pain. Now she offers an E-learning center where you can get health coaching wherever and whenever is convenient for YOU.

You will get the truth behind the myths and lies in healthcare designed to confuse and overwhelm your mind and your wallet. 

Watch Dr. Rimka explain why and how this can help you!

3R - 90 Day Reset To Rest, Restore, Renew Your Life

The concept of Rest, Restore, and Renew is simple, but the founding principles are radical.  Throw out everything you ever thought about nutrition, health, and wellness. Put down the salad. Throw out the tofu.  Sleep in.  Eat meat....

Women's Master Makeover

Are you a woman looking for the best “next” step?  Having successfully completed the 90 Day 3R Transformation, you are now invited to join Dr Rimka on a journey deeper into your mind and your health than you ever thought possible… 

Men's Group

Are you a man who is tired of all the talk?  Tired of wondering which health decisions are the right ones?  Just as importantly, do you even know where to turn when it comes to understanding the choices for both physical and mental acuity men need at any age?  Those answers are right here …

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