Brain and Body Revolution

Do you feel exhausted, confused, and afraid? I believe you deserve to feel healthy, informed, and empowered. And, I'd love the chance to teach you how easy and relaxed it can be to rebuild your body, brain, and mind the smarter way.

My mission is to guide you away from this feeling of overwhelm and confusion so you can create a life you love with ease! I've helped thousands of patients in my Atlanta practice, and now I've created virtual programs to help you without fighting traffic. You can move out of pain and step into results right from home. My online learning center and retreat program is designed to teach you how to be a better advocate with your doctor.

As a Health Truth Teller, I stand for your right to Health, Knowledge, and Personal Development. I offer self-guided courses, community support, and nature-centered healing retreats for women and men just like you to get results from anywhere in the world.

3R Reset - 90 Days to Rest, Restore, Renew Your Life

The concept of Rest, Restore, and Renew is simple, but the founding principles are radical. Throw out everything you ever thought about nutrition, health, and wellness. Put down the salad. Throw out the tofu. Sleep in. Visualize. And eat meat.

Master's Makeover Experience

Once you've graduated from 3R, you are now invited to join Dr. Rimka on a journey deeper into how her brain works while taking care of patients in her office. You will travel deep into your cells, your brain, and your connection to the frequencies of the Universe! And you will learn how to control and change them all yourself.


"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." - Brene Brown

It's time to bury "busy" and choose REST instead. Retreat, reflect, restore, reconnect, and remember YOU. Taking a true break from the chaos of life requires more than just an occasional massage. It takes a radical retreat into rest. And, I'm just the right blend of science, laughter, caring, and badassery to take you there...and back.

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