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The Signature Series

with dr. rimka

Do you feel exhausted, confused, and afraid? I believe you deserve to feel healthy, informed, and empowered. I'd love the chance to teach you how easy and relaxed it can be to rebuild your body, brain, and mind the smarter way.

As a Health Truth Teller, I stand for your right to Health, Knowledge, and Personal Development. I offer self-guided courses, community support, and nature-centered healing retreats for women and men just like you to get results from anywhere in the world.

3R Reset

The concept of Rest, Restore, and Renew is simple, but the founding principles are radical. Throw out everything you ever thought about nutrition, health, and wellness. Put down the salad.

Master's M1

Once you've graduated from 3R, you are now invited to join Dr. Rimka on a journey deeper into how her brain works while taking care of patients in her office. You will travel deep into your cells

Master's M2

In M2, you are going to take your knowledge from the M1 cognitive journey and direct all of that energy inside. You are going to increase insight and self-awareness to improve your capability.


You started a business to have Freedom, Fun, and a Full Bank Account! But lately, it might be feeling hard? No doubt, this has been a crisis moment for many businesses.


Whether you want to create more money, more health, or more love in your life, using visualization as your realization tool will change your life just like it did mine.


A retreat is a radical removal of yourself from the responsibilities of your everyday, busy life. The intention is to rest in communion with nature free of distraction.

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